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Donna Hester

Welcome to my online classroom.

Lesson Plans August 19-23


Create hands for Theme Tree- Root for each other and watch each other grow! Monday and Tuesday classes

Self Portrait-K

Elements of Art-Line- Larry the Line/Make shapes like Larry/Play line game

Books- “Monsters Love School”/ “Monsters Love Color”

Practice lines on Monsters

Standards- CR 2.K.1, CR 2.K2- CR 2.1.1, CR 2.1.2- CR 2.2.1, CR 2.2.2


3rd -4th grades

Hands for theme tree- Monday and Tuesday classes

Book- “The Pencil”

Revisit the art around them/Alliteration/Discuss Lines

Pencil Art

Standards- CR 2.3.1, CR 2.3.2- CR 2.4.1, CR2.4.2


August 26-30


Elements of Art-Line

Revisit Larry the Line

Discuss painting procedures

Read “Lines That Wiggle”

Create watercolor painting using lines learned from Larry the Line

CR.1.K.1, CR.1.K.2, CR.2.K.1, CR.1.1.1, CR1.1.2, CR.2.1.1, CR.1.2.1, CR.1.2.2, CR.2.2.1

3rd and 4th  Grades

Finish pencils

Revisit Alliteration, Elements of Art/Line

Read about Quentin Blake

Abstract Watercolor painting using lines

CR.1.3.1, CR.2.3.1,CR.2.3.2, CR.2.4.2, CR.2.4.1, 

















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