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Lesson Plans September 3-6

Lesson Plans September 3-6


Book- “The Dot” by Peter H Reynolds

What does “Make your mark….. And see where it takes you! mean to you ?

3rd and 4th grade will finish their pencils

Discuss- What is a sculpture? Brainstorm types of sculpures

Students will create round sculpture for “Dot Day”

CR.1.K.1, CR.1. K.3, CR.2.K.1

CR.1.1.1,CR.1.1.3, CR.2.1.1

CR.1.2.1, CR.2.2.1 

CR.1.3.1, CR.1.3.3 CR.2.3.1,

CR1.4.1, CR.1.4.3CR 2.4.1,