Online Registration Process

New Student Registration K-12

Please click on the new student registration button below to begin the pre-registration process and we will contact you.

The following documents are required as part of the registration process. They can be uploaded during pre-registration, emailed to hcheevers@greenlandsd.com, or we can make copies at any of our offices.

  1. Birth Certificate

  2. Social Security Card

  3. Utility Bill for Proof of Residency

  4. Court Order (Custody or otherwise)

  5. Student's Vaccination Record

  6. Kindergarten and Athletic Students need physical/health screening

  7. DragonFly (7th-12th grade athletes only)

  8. CSAP - Changing Schools/Athletic Participation

  9. Download our app, Greenland Schools, Ar, to begin receiving push notifications. (settings within the app can be turned on to receive notifications)

  10. Interested in a Campus Tour? Request Here

Please contact Heather Cheevers, hcheevers@greenlandsd.com, for help with the enrollment process or stop by one of our offices.


Pre-K Registration

The following documents are required as part of the pre-k application process. Paperwork may be turned in at Greenland Elementary during regular school hours.

  1. Birth certificate (choose one)

    • Birth certificate

    • Hospital record

    • Official documentation to verify U.S. citizenship

  2. Social Security Card

  3. If employed (choose one)

    • Check stubs for last 30 days

    • Letter from employer with hire date, rate of pay, hours worked, pay frequency

    • Verification of Earnings form (we can provide this form)

  4. If self-employed (choose one)

    • Last year's 1040 tax return with applicable schedule form

    • OEC 575 if self-employed less than one year for the past 30 days

  5. If a student (choose one)

    • Class schedule or school transcript showing enrollment for current semester

    • Trade schools, Training Program or GED/Adult Education;

      • Letter or contract that verified enrollment date and expected completion date and the days you attend the program.

Please contact Shelia Sachs, ssachs@greenlandsd.com or call 479.521.2366, ext 145 for help with the application process.