Welcome to Pirate Nation!


Dr. Andrea Martin, Superintendent

It is an honor for me to welcome you to the Greenland School District! I hope that you find our website useful and informative. It should help tell the story of a great school district that is committed to student achievement and one that creates an environment to support ALL students.

Our District is rich in tradition, both in community spirit and support! We are proud to connect with EVERY child, EVERY day and give them EVERY chance to be successful!  I encourage you to become involved in our schools, if you are not already. Encourage our teaching and support staff with your positive words of appreciation.

Consider becoming a parent volunteer! Be a tutor and help teach a child to learn to read or be more successful in their classes! Support our students by attending an extracurricular activity! Regardless of the event, there are many opportunities to support children and we hope you take advantage of them!

Join the Pirate Nation and be part of our success story where ALL means ALL!


Our District Leadership Team

Hope Dorman - Assistant to the Superintendent

Sarah Trublood - Chief Financial Officer

Kara Hill, Human Resources

Laney Dorman - District Bookkeeper

Heather Cheevers - Director of Support Services

Ally Gomez - District Instructional Specialist

Stephanie Baker - High School Principal

Blake Hanney - Middle School Principal

Catrina Anderson - Elementary School Principal

Jake Hardin - Director of College and Career Readiness

Tiffany Phillips - Director of Athletics, Programs and Player Development

Miles Eubanks - Director of Technology

Alan Barton - Director of Operations

Jared Gobel - Director of Facilities

Kevin Dickard - Director of Transportation

Tyler Underwood - Chief of Police

Michael Akins - Taher Food Service Chef